What To Expect When Placing A Baby For Adoption

The decision to place a baby up for adoption can be a very difficult one to make. Many pregnant women are not familiar with the adoption process and don't know what to do. If you're a woman who is considering placing a baby for adoption after his or her birth, continue reading to learn more about what to expect:

Meet with an Adoption Specialist

Many adoption agencies, like at http://www.achildsdream.org, employ adoption specialists who work with expectant mothers to help provide support and answer questions. An adoption specialist is there to help you, but he or she will not try to persuade you or push your decision one way or the other. If you have decided that adoption is the right decision for you and your baby, the adoption agency will assist you with all aspects of the adoption moving forward.

Create an Adoption Plan

Woman who are placing a baby for adoption are empowered during the adoption process. Your adoption specialist will assist you in creating an adoption plan that outlines your wishes. An adoption plan includes information like the type of adoptive family you would like the baby to be placed with, how much contact with the adoptive family you want after the birth, and how often, if ever, you would like to communicate with your child in the future.

Choosing an Adoptive Family

You will be able to select the adoptive family that you would like the baby to be placed with. The adoption agency will have profiles of all of the families who want to adopt, and you will have the opportunity to look through all of them and select several families that you are interested in meeting. The adoption agency will then make arrangements for you to meet the prospective families in person so you can talk with them prior to deciding which family the baby will go to.

After the Birth

In most cases, adoptive families take the baby home shortly after birth. But, it does take some time to finalize the adoption. Usually, the biological father of the baby will need to sign a document giving consent for the adoption. There are also various documents that must be filed in order to give the adoptive parents physical and legal custody of the baby. Most adoption agencies have attorneys on staff who can take care of the legal side of the adoption for you and ensure that all of the paperwork is filed.